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Secure network messenger

LAN messenger

Local and safe chatting application for office.

Main features.

Office LAN Messenger is a secure network messaging software application for corporate LANs (local area networks). It does not require a server and is very easy to install and use. The application comes with a variety of handy features, like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging, video and audio chats, files transfer.

Video chat and Voice Calling

LAN Messenger has expanded its features to include voice calls and video chat without the Internet. The new feature allows users to make secure video and voice calls within their local network, further enhancing communication and collaboration within the organization. With the same level of security and encryption as its messaging feature, LAN Messenger's video and voice calling provide a safe and reliable communication option for businesses.


Local networks support.

It works inside your LAN or WAN, saving your Internet bandwidth and allowing you to minimize firewall openings that could allow outside attacks and IM worms. Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Services environment is supported.

Friendly user interface.

Arrange your colleagues in groups by business departments or titles. Multi-language user interface support. Video chat mode, voice calls, files transfer and offline messaging.

Company privacy.

All message exchanges are protected by a strong traffic encryption algorithm. The application doesn't require an Internet connection. All user options can be controlled by administration settings.

About us

Our company is a developer of network messaging solutions for local area networks. We invent and support secure intra-office applications for business clients of all sizes.

The program is very straightforward and requires no special training. It is ready to be used right after installation is completed. Configuring the program can be done by individual users without requesting any assistance from the IT staff or system administrators. All settings can be saved and easily transferred to another computer, if necessary. Another advantage of the program is its low cost and flexible licensing options with generous volume discounts.