Softros LAN messenger Review

Instant Messaging at the Office.

Network messaging is an integral part of many businesses and organizations. Many firms operate in large premises, with several workers, often working from different offices on various floors. It is very important to have a network that allows these workers to communicate with each other, and it is definitely easier and more efficient to send a message from one’s computer rather than having to go personally to another office situated on a different floor.

There are also many companies that rely on emails. Despite the fact that emails are free, it is often rather inefficient to rely on emails because there is often a time lag. Generally, one does not check the inbox every few minutes. As a result, the office worker ends up receiving several emails and it takes time to go through the inbox and reply to emails which might have been sent several hours before. Often an instant message is required and unless a person gets a prompt reply then there is going to be a rather inefficient operation. This is where the value of Softros LAN messenger comes into play.

Softros LAN messenger is a secure network messaging application for Windows and Mac, it also have a free Android application that can resolve all of these communication issues simply and effectively. The instant exchange of messages can take place through a network. Once the Softros LAN messenger software is installed it will be monitoring the different users that are connected on the LAN or WAN. You will be able to send an instant message to any user that is online simply and quickly. Once the message is sent to the addressee, the system will alert about the incoming message with a subtle sound. The user can reply immediately. There will be no need waiting to open the email program, go through the emails in the inbox, and then compose an email to reply to your question or message. The communication can be carried out so quickly and easily. Besides, you will be able to know that the person you sent the message to, received the message, rather than be left to wonder when he is going to open the email and get back to you.

Softros LAN messenger makes things as easy as can be, and it does not take up any resources on your computer. It is accessible and really simple to use. You may download the trial version and check it yourself! Simply go to the Softros LAN messenger website and give it a chance to see how convenient this application can be!

Dollie Jardine (New Zealand Computer Magazine)